Trailer – Featuring former guests

September 15, 2023. Series 7. Episode 73

In this short trailer you can hear snippets of our compelling conversations with previous guests on the podcast, including – Richard Bacon, Fergal Keane, Nile Rodgers, Piers Morgan, Sarah Standing, Bill Browder, Vicky Pryce and Lisa Squire. A reminder of the broad range of topics and conversations around crisis that I’ve had with some truly exceptional people.

Our stories range from the devastating personal impact of surviving a terror attack, to life in the eye of public storms; grief, PTSD, addiction and mental health issues. But these conversations are really about finding inspiration from their stories of struggle, offering a judgement free zone where guests willingly share their story with honesty, authenticity and often humour.

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Host: Andy Coulson

CWC production team: Louise Difford and Jane Sankey

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