Lessons for when life unravels

Welcome to Crisis What Crisis? – the podcast that delivers invaluable lessons for when life unravels. Since our launch in the midst of the pandemic two years ago, host Andy Coulson has talked to a powerful mix of crisis survivors and experts who have been ‘in the room’ when disaster has struck. Our guests have included leaders from the worlds of business, entertainment, sport, politics and journalism.

CWC provides authentic, judgement-free and useful storytelling from those who have been at the brutal, sometimes life threatening, sharp end of crisis and who survived and thrived in the process. Andy’s own background as a newspaper editor, Downing Street Communications Director, one-time inmate of HMP Belmarsh and now sought-after adviser to CEOs, allows him to bring a unique perspective to these conversations.

Crisis What Crisis? is now recorded at Global Radio’s Millbank Studio in London and is available to watch on YouTube or listen to on Apple, Spotify or Global Player. If you enjoy what you hear, please do leave us a review. You can also send your feedback and guest suggestions here – we would love to hear from you.

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