How a banker turned childhood horror into gold

The Times – 7 June 2024

Courtney Lawes doubles down on his controversial views, he’s hit back at critics

The Ruck – 8 May 2024

Jonathan Aitken: I died three times on operating table from sepsis

The Times – 25 April 2024

Jailed ex-minister turned priest Jonathan Aitken reveals he died THREE TIMES on the operating table

Daily Mail – 26 April 2024

Amy Dowden found ‘unresponsive’ during cancer treatment and nearly died in harrowing turn for worse

Daily Mirror – 16 March 2024

Strictly’s Amy Dowden reveals she was hours from organ failure after contracting sepsis amid cancer battle

Evening Standard – 15 March 2024

Amy Dowden reveals she came close to dying during her first round of chemo: Family of Strictly star battling stage 3 breast cancer were told she was hours from organ failure after contracting sepsis

Daily Mail- 14 March 2024

Ben Wallace admitted politics is an addiction but it’s also toxic and destroys marriages, lives, families

LBC – 01 March 2024

Ben Wallace says a ‘toxic’ addiction to politics wrecked his 20-year marriage as he struggled to switch off and spend time with his family

Daily Mail – 29 February 2024

Ben Wallace: Toxic addiction to politics wrecks marriages and families

The Times – 29 February 2024

Courtney Lawes: ‘We can disagree without hating each other

RugbyPass – 16 February 2024

‘The Crown’ star Jason Watkins convinced he has ADHD

Female First – 02 February 2024

Actor Jason Watkins recalls horror moment he discovered his daughter, two, had died from sepsis – and tells how his ‘rage’ is fuelling bid to improve how hospitals treat condition in infants: ‘I could see the cot ahead of me… and I knew she was dead’

Daily Mail – 02 February 2024

Jason Watkins: Anger at daughter’s sepsis death fuels my campaign

The Times – 01 February 2024

Paula Vennells giving back her CBE was inevitable – but more retribution could be on the Horizon, writes Andy Coulson

LBC – 09 January 2024

‘It’s either me or Dom’: Sajid Javid reveals bust-up with Boris over Cummings

Independent – 22 December 2023

Javid warned Boris Johnson about Cummings ‘running rings around him’

The Telegraph – 22 December 2023

I warned Johnson about Cummings, says Javid

The Times – 22 December 2023

Loo roll heiress Davina Taylor says she got a lifetime ban from BA for flying to rehab while drunk

Daily Mail – 16 December 2023

‘It’s A Part Of Me’: Timbaland Says He Has A Bullet Lodged In His Neck

Daily Caller – 10 November 2023

Timbaland still has bullet lodged in his neck after 1986 shooting: ‘I’m blessed to be here’

New York Post – 10 November 2023

Labour’s plan to charge VAT on fees risks harming independent schools in Britain’s poorest areas, warns top headmaster Sir Anthony Seldon

Daily Mail – 29 September 2023

Legal & General chief executive considers move into politics

Financial Times – 21 July 2023

The Notebook: Andy Coulson on Succession, female leaders and Monday madness

City AM – 5 June 2023

Crisis What Crisis? on Good Morning Britain

GMB – 5 June 2023


Politico – 2 June 2023

Michael Gove blasts Remainer civil servants with bad ‘attitudes’ for treating Brexit like a ‘big mistake’

The Sun – 2 June 2023

Michael Gove takes aim at civil servants who believe Brexit was a ‘big, historic mistake’

Express – 2 June 2023

‘So you’re not going?’ ‘No, you are’: Michael Gove reveals how Boris Johnson sacked him BY PHONE amid the collapse of his government – and accuses some civil servants of blocking reform because they believe Brexit ‘was a big, historic mistake’

Mail Online – 2 June 2023

Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages cast a shadow on the upcoming Covid Inquiry: A prelude to Conservative chaos?

LBC – 2 June 2023

Rory Stewart hints that he will return to politics ahead of next mayoral elections

LBC – 14 April 2023

Return of the Rory Stewart show? Ex-Cabinet minister says he is ‘actively’ mulling a political comeback… as Tories mount frantic hunt for London mayor candidate to take on Sadiq Khan

Mail Online – 14 April 2023

As he surveys Partygate damage let’s hope Rishi Sunak rebuilds trust for those still affected by the pandemic

LBC – 24 March 2023

Politics should be about doing the right thing and our leaders need to remember that

LBC – 6 March 2023

‘I’ve got the ability to kill people and not worry about it too much’: SAS hero Andy McNab gives brutally honest account of being a ‘functioning psychopath’…and how he would kill for money and ‘get away with it’

Mail Online – 21 Feb 2023

SAS hero Andy McNab describes how it feels to kill as a ‘functioning psychopath’

LAD Bible – 21 Feb 2023

It’s trust NOT Truss the Tories need more of

LBC – 6 Feb 2023

Robert Winston: Fund primary teachers for effective levelling-up

The Times – 23 Jan 2023

Professor Robert Winston gives tragic account of wife’s last moments as 999 crew tried to save her

Mail Online – 21 Jan 2023

Professor Robert Winston wondered if ‘life was worth continuing’ after wife’s death

Mirror – 21 Jan 2023

Why it’s time for Rishi Sunak to drop the c-bomb when it comes to the NHS

LBC, 12 Jan 2023

How Matt Hancock turned a failure into success

The Spectator, 6 Nov 2022

George Osborne reborn: he’s back in Downing Street for his second act

The Sunday Times, 6 Nov 2022

Andy Coulson: ‘Rishi needs to steady the ship and set a course for growth’

LBC, 1 Nov 2022

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: How George Osborne took his revenge on Theresa May after being shown the back door when he was sacked as Chancellor

Daily Mail, 1 Nov 2022

Andy Coulson: ‘It’s hard to see how a Boris comeback could possibly end well’

LBC, 21 Oct 2022

Mike Tyson once punched Frank Warren in a hotel room and left him with bloodied eye over unpaid £2m jewellery bill

The Sun, 23 Sep 2022

Stand by for the fastest prime ministerial memoir in history

The Times, 6 July 2022

Lord Hague warns Partygate is a ‘distraction’ from ‘biggest period of crisis in our lifetimes’

Mail Online, 29 May 2022

Andy Coulson: Can Boris survive yet another crisis of his own making?

LBC, 24 May 2022

Andrew Marr on life after his stroke: My family were told to prepare for worst

Daily Express, 22 May 2022

Andy Coulson: Jeremy Bowen tells me how the Ukrainians are surviving the war

LBC, 5 April 2022

Tina Stowell: The Commons shouldn’t insist on parents and doctors fighting it out in the courts

Conservative Home, 28 March 2022

Baroness Stowell of Beeston mentions Crisis What Crisis? in the House of Lords

They Work For You, 9 February 2022

BBC’s Nick Robinson tells of moment he survived horror car smash that claimed life of his two pals

The Sun, 9 February 2022

Andy Coulson: Doctor’s bravery on Covid-19 front line highlights ‘betrayal’ of No10 parties

LBC, 22 January 2022

‘Trump was ready to throw me under the bus’: Putin’s ‘number one enemy’ financier Bill Browder, who inspired America’s Magnitsky act, says Trump would have handed him over to Russia if he had won re-election

Mail Online, 10 December 2021

Seb Coe rails against ‘different standards’ with fans banned from Tokyo Olympics events due to Covid-19 despite thousands attending Euro 2020 matches – as he reinforces the Games are safe ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony in Japan

Mail Online, 21 July 2021

Police officer who fell seriously ill after being poisoned in Salisbury Novichok attack reveals he wants to meet Sergei and Yulia Skripal because it would be ‘very interesting to speak to them’

Mail Online, 25 June 2021

Former Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill knows what to do when disaster strikes: eat pizza.

Evening Standard, 23 February 2021

Atticus: Hancock gets pulped by former mandarin

The Sunday Times, 21 February 2021

Andy Coulson: ‘I became a crisis consultant after prison – and business is booming’

The I , 10 February 2021

Richard Bacon shuts down rumours he snorted cocaine off the Blue Peter tortoises as he jokes about past drugs scandal 23 years after being fired

Mail Online, 10 February 2021

Nile Rodgers unable to bury late mum due to Covid

MSN, 1 February 2021

Nile Rodgers Unable to Bury His Late Mom Due to COVID Crisis: ‘She’s in a Refrigerator Truck’

People, 29 January 2021

Emotional Nile Rodgers tells how he is unable to bury his mother a MONTH after she died of Alzheimer’s because her body is stuck in a refrigerated truck with ‘dozens’ of Covid victims

Mail Online, 29 January 2021

Nile Rodgers emotionally opens up about death of his mother and losing Chic bandmate Bernard Edwards

Smooth Radio, 29 January 2021

Hero chef reveals terrifying moment terrorists stormed his hotel in 2008 Mumbai attacks as he and his staff risked their lives to save scores of guests – after initially mistaking gunmen for a FILM crew

Mail Online, 23 January 2021

Andy Coulson: ‘What would the heroes of WW2 make of President Trump’s comments?’

LBC, 6 November 2020

Charlie Gard’s mum relives heartbreaking moment tot opened his eyes one last time after doctors took his ventilator away

The Sun, 6 November 2020

Andy Coulson: The Covid crisis will define Boris Johnson’s legacy

LBC, 27 October 2020

My dream died in five minutes’: Mark Hix’s trauma

The Sunday Times, 11 October 2020

‘A raging Mike Tyson attacked me in a hotel room… and I only burst a few blood vessels!’ Promoter Frank Warren recalls Iron Mike’s ‘cheap shot’ after he lost his temper over an unpaid £2m jewellery bill

Mail Online, 6 October 2020

Frank Warren reveals night Mike Tyson punched him in hotel room and left him with bloodied eye over £2m jewellery bill

The Sun, 5 October 2020

Ruby Wax says being ‘thrown out’ of showbiz during her depression battle ‘tore her insides out’ – but admits she probably would have ‘harmed herself’ if she’d ended up staying in TV

Mail Online, 28 September 2020

Andy Coulson: I hope that people will not judge me entirely on my mistakes

GQ, 21 September 2020

‘The situation seemed so dark, everything in my life had turned to dust’: Former England cricketer Chris Lewis on being sentenced to 13 years in prison for smuggling cocaine into the UK after partying all his money away.

Mail Online, 19 July 2020

We’ll never ‘move on’, say Milligan family bereaved in speedboat tragedy.

The Sunday Times, 12 July 2020

Mother-of-four whose husband and daughter were killed in Cornish speedboat accident ‘finally reaches the moment of acceptance’ seven years on from tragedy – but reveals her family will never be able to ‘move on’.

Mail Online, 12 July 2020

Padstow boat tragedy survivor Victoria Milligan ‘finally’ coming to term with it seven years on.

Cornwall Live, 13 July 2020

Defence Minister Johnny Mercer opens up about the trauma of watching his friend die as he cradled his body ‘like a baby’ after he was gunned down by the Taliban on patrol in Afghanistan.

Mail Online, 4 July 2020

Vicky Pryce opens up about how she wore an electronic tag to Parliament and how police laughed at finding £1,400 in her handbag after she was found guilty of perverting justice.

Mail Online, 27 June 2020

Richard Bacon reveals panic as Amazon Alexa tells his children about Blue Peter cocaine scandal.

The Independent, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon reveals he had to jump in and stop an Alexa from telling his children about his Blue Peter cocaine scandal when they asked it about him.

Mail Online, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon horrified as Amazon Alexa outs his cocaine past to his kids.

Mirror, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon had to stop Amazon Echo from telling kids about his Blue Peter cocaine sacking

Yahoo News, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon forced to turn off his Amazon Alexa because it told kids about his Blue Peter drug shame.

The Sun, 19 June 2020

It’s for our elected politicians to lead in a national crisis

GQ, 11 June 2020