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My dream died in five minutes’: Mark Hix’s trauma

The Sunday Times, 11 October 2020

‘A raging Mike Tyson attacked me in a hotel room… and I only burst a few blood vessels!’ Promoter Frank Warren recalls Iron Mike’s ‘cheap shot’ after he lost his temper over an unpaid £2m jewellery bill

Mail Online, 6 October 2020

Frank Warren reveals night Mike Tyson punched him in hotel room and left him with bloodied eye over £2m jewellery bill

The Sun, 5 October 2020

Ruby Wax says being ‘thrown out’ of showbiz during her depression battle ‘tore her insides out’ – but admits she probably would have ‘harmed herself’ if she’d ended up staying in TV

Mail Online, 28 September 2020

Andy Coulson: I hope that people will not judge me entirely on my mistakes

GQ, 21 September 2020

‘The situation seemed so dark, everything in my life had turned to dust’: Former England cricketer Chris Lewis on being sentenced to 13 years in prison for smuggling cocaine into the UK after partying all his money away.

Mail Online, 19 July 2020

We’ll never ‘move on’, say Milligan family bereaved in speedboat tragedy.

The Sunday Times, 12 July 2020

Mother-of-four whose husband and daughter were killed in Cornish speedboat accident ‘finally reaches the moment of acceptance’ seven years on from tragedy – but reveals her family will never be able to ‘move on’.

Mail Online, 12 July 2020

Padstow boat tragedy survivor Victoria Milligan ‘finally’ coming to term with it seven years on.

Cornwall Live, 13 July 2020

Defence Minister Johnny Mercer opens up about the trauma of watching his friend die as he cradled his body ‘like a baby’ after he was gunned down by the Taliban on patrol in Afghanistan.

Mail Online, 4 July 2020

Vicky Pryce opens up about how she wore an electronic tag to Parliament and how police laughed at finding £1,400 in her handbag after she was found guilty of perverting justice.

Mail Online, 27 June 2020

Richard Bacon reveals panic as Amazon Alexa tells his children about Blue Peter cocaine scandal.

The Independent, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon reveals he had to jump in and stop an Alexa from telling his children about his Blue Peter cocaine scandal when they asked it about him.

Mail Online, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon horrified as Amazon Alexa outs his cocaine past to his kids.

Mirror, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon had to stop Amazon Echo from telling kids about his Blue Peter cocaine sacking

Yahoo News, 20 June 2020

Richard Bacon forced to turn off his Amazon Alexa because it told kids about his Blue Peter drug shame.

The Sun, 19 June 2020

It’s for our elected politicians to lead in a national crisis

GQ, 11 June 2020