Jason Watkins’ Crisis Comforts

February 9, 2024. Series 7. Episode 81

As regular listeners and viewers will know, at the end of all our conversations we ask our guests for their three crisis comforts; their go-tos for inspiration and strength during the challenging times.
Short but perfectly formed advice for getting you through the tough moments.

Over the years we have heard some incredibly interesting and useful tips for anyone who might be feeling the weight of their own problems. In this episode, Jason Watkins, award-winning actor and campaigner, shares his Crisis Comforts with us.

Jason has won a best actor Bafta for his role in the Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries, and has starred in The Crown, Macdonald and Dodds, Bridget Jones and of course the hilarious Nativity films.
As one of Britain’s leading performers, he has got us thinking, made us laugh and even cry, and his Crisis Comforts are as creative and emotive as you would expect.

Full episode and transcript available below:

Actor Jason Watkins on losing his daughter Maude, battling depression and shining a light on grief

Jason’s Just Giving Page in memory of Maude for The UK Sepsis Trust – https://www.justgiving.com/Jason-watkins4maude/
The UK Sepsis Trust – https://sepsistrust.org
Surviving the Loss of your World – https://slowgroup.co.uk
Child Bereavement UK – https://www.childbereavementuk.org/patrons-jason-watkins

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