Crisis Cures – Roopa Farooki & Virginia Buckingham

December 16, 2022. Series 7. Episode 54

In this Crisis Cures episode we hear from two remarkable women who faced down two very different challenges.  For Roopa Farooki, that took the form of facing down the daily crisis of Covid, with all its drama and tragedy, during the peak of the pandemic in her role as an NHS junior doctor. And for Virginia Buckingham, the former boss of Logan international airport in Boston, it was the shocking personal impact of being widely, and very unfairly, blamed for the 9/11 attacks in New York. In these extracts from our full podcast conversations both women explain what they relied on to get through the toughest of times.


Roopa & Virginia’s Crisis Cures: 

1st Crisis Cure –

Roopa – Stick to your routine during a crisis.

Virginia – Create a haven in your home in which to heal.

2nd Crisis Cure –

Roopa – Writing – I like to make sense of what’s happening in my life.

Virginia – Find a purpose outside of yourself and your crisis.

3rd Crisis Cure –

Roopa – Believe in what you’re passionate about.

Virginia – Do Good with something bad



Virginia’s full episode:

Roopa’s full episode:

Charity –

‘On My Watch’ – Memoir by Virginia Buckingham –

Everything is True: A junior doctor’s story of life, death and grief in a time of pandemic –


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Host – Andy Coulson

CWC production team: Louise Difford, Ed Isaacs and Jane Sankey.

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