Ruby Wax on anger, optimism and taking ownership of your crisis

September 28, 2020. Series 2. Episode 9

TV presenter, best-selling author, mental health campaigner and academic – Ruby Wax is a woman always on a mission. That she’s achieved so much whilst managing clinical depression and the burden of a deeply troubled childhood, makes her all the more remarkable. In this episode Ruby talks with power and honesty about how she confronted her demons to reach a deep understanding of what makes her brilliant, but at times troubled, mind tick. And – after travelling far and wide to research her inspirational new book And Now For The Good News – To The Future With Love – she also speaks movingly about how she found hope for all our futures in the most desperate of places.

Ruby’s Crisis Cures:

1. Community: ‘Not just a wine tasting club, but where you genuinely talk to each other’.

2. Compassion: ‘When I’m in a queue sometimes I’ll find somebody in a really bad mood, and I’ll start talking to them or somebody who’s giving me grief. It’s just an experiment… I’m trying to exercise those [stress] muscles.’

3. Mindful exercise: ‘Tai chi, Pilates, Yoga… but not something mindless. You have to notice what’s going on in your body.’


And Now For The Good News…:


Frazzled Café: