Julia Hobsbawm’s Crisis Comforts

May 30, 2024. Series 7. Episode 89

As regular listeners and viewers will know, at the end of all our conversations we ask our guests for their three crisis comforts; their go-tos for inspiration and strength during the challenging times. Short but perfectly formed advice for getting you through the tough moments.  Over the years we have heard some incredibly interesting and more importantly, useful tips for anyone who might be feeling the weight of their own problems.

In this short episode – Julia Hobsbawm – one of the world’s most connected women – shares her three crisis comforts.


Full episode

Julia Hobsbawm on battling sepsis, facing down failure and being a Jew who doesn’t support Israel



Working Assumptions: What We Thought We Knew About Work Before Covid and Generative AI – And What We Know Now, 2024.



Julia’s Podcast: The Nowhere Office

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