Crisis Cures – Richard Bacon & Ruby Wax

February 3, 2023. Series 7. Episode 57

The two guests joining us in this Crisis Cures episode have both enjoyed stellar careers in broadcasting, but it’s not been a straightforward journey at all for either of them.

Richard Bacon started out as a fully paid-up Blue Peter badge holder, presenting one of the longest running and most successful children’s television programs of all time. A tenure cut short when his private life came under tabloid scrutiny, temporarily bringing his time at the BBC to a premature conclusion.

Ruby Wax, of course, has been a regular fixture on our screen since the mid-1980s, both as a writer and television personality, interviewing some of the biggest names on the planet. But behind all the comedy, all the professional brilliance, ruby was struggling with her bipolar disorder and ongoing battles with depression, something she now campaigns for and speaks very openly about.

So in this Crisis Cures episode you can expect to learn about:

  • Resilience and hard work
  • Community and belonging
  • State of mind
  • Personal enrichment

As you will hear, it seems that there is much common ground in Richard and Ruby’s approaches to finding an equilibrium and the right state of mind in order to see them through the tough times.


Richard’s Crisis Cures:

  1. Avoid alcohol: ‘I think if I’m going through a dark day the thing is to not drink because that can very quickly bring out anger.’
  2. Vinyl music: ‘I often play sixties bands, whether it’s The Who or The Kinks or The Beatles or The Stones… nothing makes me happier than putting on a piece of vinyl, I just love everything about it.’
  3. Babington House: ‘I got married there and it still retains its kind of magic quality…it’s hard not to go there and do anything other than feel much better.’

Richard’s full episode:


Ruby’s Crisis Cures:

  1. Community: ‘Not just a wine tasting club, but a place where you genuinely talkto each other’.
  2. Compassion: ‘When I’m in a queue sometimes I’ll find somebody in a really bad mood, and I’ll start talking to them or somebody who’s giving me grief. It’s just an experiment… I’m trying to exercise those [stress] muscles.’
  3. Mindful exercise: ‘Tai chi, Pilates, Yoga… but not something mindless. You have to notice what’s going on in your body.’

Ruby’s full episode:



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